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  • Convenient, secure and user-friendly

  • Capacity management, daily route building and productivity measurement

  • Web portal ensures HIPAA compliant flow of information with real-time monitoring and adherence

  • Web application accessible from any internet-connected device

  • IVR capabilities (Interactive Voice Response)

  • Transportation provider management and optimization

  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting

  • Front-end screening eliminates fraud and abuse

  • Reduces need for back-end bill reconciliation

  • Screening is molded to client-provided benefit/eligibility criteria

  • Determines transport type

  • ADA disability testing

  • Fully automated scheduling and dispatch

  • Integrated database geocodes locations of transportation resources, origins, destinations and customers to make effective ride assignments and minimize wait times

  • Central relational database interfaces with multiple data sources

  • Detailed subscriber data including special needs and trip records are instantly accessed

  • Robust web portals available to all major stakeholders such as clients, subscribers, healthcare facilities and transportation providers

  • Ensures correct and on-time payment of claims

  • Complete administration of transportation provider reimbursement

  • Fraud detection capabilities

  • Supports client-determined pricing models

  • Supports customer reimbursement

  • Medical services billing

  • Data analysis verifying cost and trip log accuracy

  • Web-based reporting tool providing instant access to data

  • Hundreds of standard reports instantly available with subscriber reports easily generated and exported in Word, Excel or PDF formats

  • Transportation provider commendation and complaint tracking

  • Detailed billing and verification reports

  • Real time incident, cancellation and no-show tracking

  • Data imported from multiple reliable sources

Intelligent Dispatching

We have combined peer-to-peer dispatching with GPS location tracking in order to drastically reduce inconvenience to your subscribers due to tardy drivers. Our algorithm automatically predicts daily demand by analyzing historical trip data and then makes any needed route, supply or driver adjustments. In application, this means that from the initial trip request we are able to assign the ride to the transportation provider who is or will be near the subscriber soon before the scheduled pickup time. Our software will automatically adjust for late drivers due traffic backups or accidents and make adjustments to ensure that the subscriber receives unimpeded service.

Web Application – Dashboards & Reporting

Our web-based dashboards provide you with an overview as well as detailed reports as to the performance of your medical mobility program. GPS tracking allows us to know exactly where each vehicle is at any given time as well as which routes they have taken. Scheduling, routes, subscriber communications, payments and feedback are all available through these dashboards.

Our web-based software is capable of generating virtually any type of report that you require. With hundreds of standard reports as well as custom reports providing insights into costs, service levels, driver performance, benefit utilization rates and subscriber trends, we provide unmatched transparency into your medical mobility program. Reports are able to be exported as Word, Excel or PDF documents.

Subscribers, health plans, healthcare facilities and other key stakeholders are provided with24/7/365 access to our web application to view pertinent data as well as to schedule rides.

Fraud Prevention

A major way in which we are able to contain your medical mobility program costs is by proactively eliminating opportunities for fraud and abuse. Our signature and review process matches billing claims with individual subscriber trips, deterring payment for unauthorized trips. As trip data, driver behaviors, subscriber utilization and other statistics are collected, our system automatically generates alerts for unusual activity. For example, by interfacing with our GPS tracking system and driver route assignments, our fraud prevention system will flag a trip for review if a driver goes off of the assigned course.