On Demand Medical Transportation 2016-12-08T16:51:59+00:00

Key Benefits to Our On-Demand Medical Transportation Model

  • Overcome medical mobility barriers

  • Avoid missed medical care appointments

  • Substantial healthcare funding savings

  • Circumstantial prior authorization

  • Review and adjudication of all claims

  • Verification of patient’s need for transportation

Traditional Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) and Emergency Medical Transportation (EMT) models utilize a fixed commercial fleet. These fixed fleets have a difficult time scaling when demand is high and end up with an overflow of vehicles on the road when demand is low. This results in higher costs per trip and an inability to keep up with the inconsistent nature of Medical Transportation demand.

The EpicMD On-Demand Medical Mobility Solution

EpicMD’s On-Demand Medical Transportation model serves as a highly efficient solution to the frustrations of traditional models. We utilize a flexible fleet, meaning that we have a large network of transportation providers under our oversight to whom we assign trips according to real-time demand levels. This allows us to rapidly increase our driver/vehicle supply levels in response to increased demand as well as avoid having a surplus of vehicles on the road when demand is low.

Our dynamic supply management system automatically accounts for demand changes and optimizes supply levels across our service areas accordingly. The EpicMD On-Demand Medical Transportation model results in fewer missed medical care appointments due to transportation problems. This ultimately leads to better health outcomes and substantial healthcare funding savings.