Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services (NEMT) 2016-12-08T17:04:19+00:00

Key Benefits to Our Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services

  • Up to 25% cost savings

  • Take advantage of a revolutionary NEMT model

  • Benefit from cutting-edge NEMT specific technology

  • Drastically improve customer satisfaction

  • Fewer missed medical appointments

  • Efficiencies put into place by NEMT experts

  • Eliminate need for time, training and personnel investment

  • Flexible fleet allows for seamless demand adaptation

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation is a benefit offered to eligible Medicaid recipients who face challenges getting to and from their medical care appointments. Studies have shown that the cost of providing transportation benefits to eligible members is lower than the cost of waiting for a serious condition to develop that could have been avoided with preventative care. Non-Emergency Medical Transportation services are offered by health plans, healthcare facilities and state and government agencies. We work with all of these organizations to fully manage their NEMT operations.

EpicNEMT’s Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Solution

EpicNEMT has the tools, technology and experienced staff to efficiently manage NEMT operations from start to finish. By partnering with EpicNEMT to manage your NEMT program you will benefit from increased customer satisfaction and substantial cost savings. The need to invest time, personnel and training is eliminated when you switch to our fully-manage NEMT approach.

We introduce efficiencies such as low-cost mode assignment, routing and scheduling optimization and custom-built software for trip tracking, data collection, analysis and reporting. We keep costs low and optimize response time with a flexible, on demand fleet. This means that rather than owning vehicles, we have a vast network of qualified and credentialed contracted drivers who are standing by in order to meet fluctuating demand. A flexible fleet can easily be scaled when demand is high and scaled down when demand is low which prevents there being a surplus of drivers on the road.

Our Technology and NEMT

We saw several needs in the field of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation that could be filled by an integrated software solution. Our software allows patients and healthcare providers to schedule rides 24/7/365 from their smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. The request is then sent to our dispatching system which assigns the ride to the nearest available driver. The smart trip assignment feature alone results in patients being picked up in as little as a few minutes from the initial request. Our software automatically accounts for traffic delays due to accidents or late drivers and will assign the trip to another driver if necessary so that the patient receives unimpeded service. Fraud and abuse is prevented by GPS vehicle tracking which flags trips for review if the driver goes off of the assigned route. Our tracking features also allow us to gauge performance of drivers and reward high performance with more trip assignments.

Take advantage of our technology powered NEMT solution to increase your customer satisfaction, quality scores and compliance and to save up to 25% when you switch from an unmanaged operation.