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Emergency Medical Transportation Features

We are fully equipped to provide ambulatory service to patients with varying medical needs including:

Our Basic Life Support Units are staffed by medically trained clinicians and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) who are certified in Automatic External Defibrillation (AED). Our BLS teams are able to provide continuous medical monitoring and quickly asses patient needs and help stabilize them in emergency situations.

Our Advanced Life Support units are stocked with advanced equipment similar to what is found in a hospital Emergency Room. Some of this equipment includes cardiac monitoring, pulse oximetry, chest decompression, glucometry, adult and pediatric endotracheal intubation, transtracheal jet insufflation and intraossous infusion therapy. Sophisticated medical equipment combined with personnel trained in advanced life support can provide the necessary stabilization prior to arrival at a hospital Emergency Department or Trauma Center.

Our Bariatric Transport Units are specially modified ambulances equipped to accommodate patients weighing 350-1,200 pounds. Our bariatric transport teams are medically trained and equipped to ensure safe transport for subscribers that require this service.

Our Specialty Transportation Units units are are able to support patients with a wide range of special conditions including neonatal patients as well as pediatric intensive care patients. These units ensure patients receive the required specialty care from a medically trained professional during transport.

EpicMD’s Emergency Medical Transportation (EMT) Solution

Ambulatory claims processing is a growing challenge for health plans. Approximately 25% of ambulatory transports are inappropriately utilized and billed annually, resulting in $500 million in avoidable expense. EpicMD offers full service and cost-effective ambulatory transportation. We reduce fraud and wasteful spending by confirming eligibility, prior authorization when necessary and establishing strong ambulatory networks resulting in up to 25% savings for health plans.

Our Software Solution & EMT Management

As trip statistics such as eligibility, trip history and service trends are collected, our system automatically flags trips for review if they raise fraud/abuse concerns. Our custom software solution also allows for a measure of transparency by means of an online portal that provides health plans, healthcare facilities, providers and members with access to resources and detailed reports at any time of the day.