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The EpicMD Solution – Key Highlights:

Welcome to EpicMD, providing Transportation on Demand in the healthcare realm. We offer a revolutionary approach the way health plans and providers maneuver the logistics of both Non-Emergency and Emergency Medical Transportation. Cloud technologies, GPS-tracking, Big-Data analysis and mobile device applications provide the backbone to our instantly scalable network of qualified drivers and vehicles. These technologies allow for a transparent medical transportation model for health plans by providing tracking, analytics, insights and efficiencies.

The Need for a Better Medical Transportation Model

In this “Age of Information”, nearly every aspect of life may be supplemented by some type of mobile app or technology. However, NEMT and EMT processes have remained unchanged for decades. Millions of patients miss medical appointments due to transportation issues each year. Between delayed trips, long-wait times and confusing processes – getting to their medical appointment means an all-day ordeal for many. Inadequate technology, outdated business models, poorly equipped transportation providers and a lack of transparency also contribute to an unacceptably low customer experience.

Inefficient logistics, virtually zero-transparency and un-contained costs create a major challenge for health plans. Now is the time for the Medical Transportation field to benefit from a revolutionary, 21st century solution to some of their most frustrating challenges – the EpicMD Solution.

The EpicMD Solution – a Better NEMT & EMT System

Our team of professionals with extensive experience in healthcare management has created an end-to-end solution for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) and Emergency Medical Transportation (EMT). Our model automates and optimizes patient transport from start to finish. An instantly scalable network of drivers and vehicles allows for remarkably fast response, getting patients to their appointments on time. Health plans benefit from predictable flat-rate trips and by eliminating the need for investment of staff and time.

Our solution is a customer-centered approach proven to increase quality and customer satisfaction, improve health outcomes and keep healthcare costs low.